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On 28th of March, the UMNO President, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi decided to call on all delegates to agree to reject cooperation with PKR and Bersatu and insisted that they would not hold any negotiations with the party

This came in the closing speech of the UMNO 2020 General Assembly that has been delivered at PWTC


1. Negative sentiment towards UMNO are due to UMNO’s arrogant decision to face GE15 alone, which they believe UMNO is still thinking they are in favour of the people.

2. Majority concerns are with UMNO leaders with court cases, which they demand UMNO to be led by new and clean leadership.

3. They also quoted that UMNO is the main reason if PH would assume power again after GE15, due to its decision to not cooperate with BERSATU, mainly, and PAS.


1. Positive sentiment towards UMNO are mostly in support of the decision to cut ties with BERSATU.

2. Small portion of the sentiment want to see UMNO and PAS moving forward together in GE15.

*Analysis was done on comments found in mainstream news Facebook pages such as Utusan Online, Sinar Harian, Astro AWANI, The Star etc.