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Recently, a remark by Menteri Besar Kedah on the demolition of a Hindu temple in Kuala Kedah sparked an intense discussion within social media platform. A brief analysis through comments on the issue was done to engage the people’s perception on this matter.

A simple search for the keyword “Menteri Besar Kedah” or “MB Kedah” shows mentions of him spiked on the 3rd of December, with highest mentions found within Facebook.

Based on a few Facebook posts by news portals, we run an analysis through the comments and found that:

1. Majority of netizens supports his action, even those who claim not in favour of him as an MB.

2. Only few believes that his action are driven by racism

3. Most netizens are against any manipulation on the issue to spark racism, including by MIC, DAP and UMNO

The support for Kedah MB was due to:

1. Rule of law, netizens are in agreement that the issue was regarding law of the land, and should not be politicised into racial issue for the benefits of certain group

2. Even if Muslim house of prayer were built on illegal land, they agree it should be demolished as well

3. They believe by upholding the law only the nation could thrive in its racial and religious diversity

Those who against Kedah MB regard him:

1. As racist due to labelling made to the Indian community by associating them with “toddy”, a type of liquor

2. As being double standard; if against him it would be racism, but if it support him suddenly it becomes rule of law

However, going through other social media platform, the sentiments towards this issue polarised differently:

1. Facebook comments mostly support Kedah MB’s stand on the temple demolition

2. Twitter users however, are mostly in disagreement of the move, and cited him as being racist

3. Other platforms give insignificant postings regarding the issue

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