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On 3rd December, mentions of Perikatan Nasional spiked regarding:

• The conditions laid out for i-Sinar being too strict, resulting in people blaming the PN government for restricting the people’s money from being withdrawn.

• Call for rejecting PN in the next GE15, and vote BN or MN instead.


Mentions of Muafakat Nasional spiked on 29 November due to the statement by UMNO that they would not join PN, and will use BN logo instead in the upcoming GE15.

Netizens are divided into:

• Supporting MN and rejecting PN including BERSATU

• Supporting the call for Malays, including PAS, UMNO and BERSATU to unite or else GE14 results would repeat its history.

A few are also confused with the different coalitions formed: BN, MN and PN.


On 27 November, mentions of Barisan Nasional spiked due to:

• The approval of Budget 2021 at the policy level as netizens thank MPs of BN for being people-centric MPs & fought for i-Sinar and extension of moratorium

• Disclosure by Najib Razak on his Facebook page mentioning PN’s decision to cancel previously approved Penang’s RM 2 million loan from ADB requiring the government’s guarantee


On 27 November, mentions of HARAPAN peaked due to an instruction made by Anwar for the opposition Members of Parliament to not support for bloc voting with regards to the approval of budget 2021

• Most PH supporters were furious with PH, and Anwar specifically, for not even requesting for bloc voting

• News were reporting that DAP had asked Anwar to apologize over the matter, or DAP should break ties with PKR and disband HARAPAN

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